Highly-Motivated Consultants

Core Consulting Group is built and backed by a team of dedicated, hard working invdivduals, whose goals is seen through end-result of their work, lead by Paul DeRiso, a well-seasoned professional within the investor relations field providing visibility and liquidity for a host of diverse companies. His resources to investors prove to be a influential commodity within investment community. Through his values, he leads a network of loyal investment professionals.

Characterized by small and micro-cap brokers, Paul has identified and created a prominent core database. This database is used as a channel to effectively introduce emerging clients that become recognized in the public markets. Prior to founding Core Consulting Group, Paul served as Senior Vice President of Redwood Consultants. With his proactive leadership skills, he became the catalyst in formulating Redwood into a premier investor relations firm. He previously owned/owns numerous private companies including telecommunications, management and retail/service companies with over 20 years of business strengths.