Core Consulting Group was formed by industry professionals with a passion for helping client companies thrive in the capital markets.

A common mistake Micro-Cap companies make is simple; not utilizing enough of the numerous resources available to reach there target audience.

With 10,000 plus non-listed companies seeking visibility, awareness becomes a labor some task that’s needs daily focus. There is no clear cut methodology, other than to utilize many solutions in harmony. Many companies fail simply by hiring one group to take on a specific task such as data base management or audio interviews but miss out on the many other opportunities offered to generate visibility. The broader the program the greater the chances of being seen or heard, augmented by the constant orchestration of many moving components.

The way businesses communicate to the streets has changed significantly over the past five years, a new age audience for lack of better words. A simple touting of a company’s message via a worn out e-based platform will fall on deaf ears. More so, a tired database of brokers who have been besieged by the next great idea for the past 5 years will provide minimal results. Many communication approaches in both the fields of Investor Relations and Public Relations need to be implemented to effectively target this new age audience. Core Consulting Group has a bevy of programs for Micro-Cap companies.

Core Consulting utilizes cutting-edge web-based content-driven marketing tools as well as proven tactics such as professional, dedicated phone teams.

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